August 21, 2009

"Poverty is not a Hindrance to Success"

(i wrote this during my elementary years.)

We know here in our country most of the people suffer from poverty. And because of being a poor citizen, they can’t satisfy their needs and of their children. But even though we lie on that situation it doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed. We should be strong and ready to sacrifice and suffer from being poor. If we are ambitious and if our desire to succeed in our profession is very strong as a matter of fact this perseverance will help us to gain success. On our way up to the ladder of success, we will meet both success and failures. So, we won’t be easily given up. We should try our best to succeed. Remember, success should not go our head so quickly and our disappointment must not dishearten us. But be reminded of the law,” give and take if we want to succeed in life”. Another thing we should remember is we shouldn’t forget to response our parents from supporting and loving us. When successful, give thanks to God. When faced with failures learn from the failures and become wiser.


CB said...

I like your blog. This is more mature. Please upload all the short compositions you did for English IV. Congrats. 'Like the color combination and the pictures!