September 12, 2009

"Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan. Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan"

 (this was my essay on the theme last nutrition month but unfortunately, this didn't won.huhuhu)
Our heath is directly related to our attitudes, our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs from the way we view everything in life. This is because the mind and the body are closely linked and constantly communicated with each other. So, we should be aware and focused on our health and not on our weight. Poor body image is caused in eating disorders and it leads to a health crisis. Most of teenagers are on dieting, fasting, and skipping their meals because they are trying to fit their body mold but they cannot. It is because they go for long of periods of time without eating. After of periods of fasting, in a frenzy of hunger, they eat too much to compensate for their hunger and end up eating more because they do not slow down enough to acknowledge that they are full. These unhealthy routine leads to a wide range of problems, the most prominent of which is the high rate of obesity. Most of us are overweight despite the fact that we claim we are on a diet. This trend is dangerous since obesity is linked to heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes.

Proper nutrition plays a major role in the prevention, control and management of lifestyle non-communicable diseases. Hippocrates once said “Let thy medicine be food and let food be thy medicine.” We need food for nourishment, of course. Food is more than just fuel. In celebration of the National Nutrition Month this July with the theme,”Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan!”We should develop nutritional guidelines aimed to promote healthy diets and health practices to achieve the goal of improving our nutritional condition and preventing lifestyle diseases.

With the changing lifestyle of Filipinos, non-communicable diseases like UTI, ulcer, diabetes, colon cancer, cholesterol and high blood are becoming significant public health problems. Unhealthy body can cause people to live shorter lives. Healthy diets, regular exercise, abstinence from smoking and moderate alcohol intake are key components of a healthy lifestyle. It is about wellness, and wholeness, eating in normal, healthy ways and living actively. Realistic visions of beauty show to us that character, confidence, self-esteem and healthy lifestyles are important aspects of beauty than looks.